Strategic Planning Program – Online

Angie is simply amazing!  I was completely overwhelmed with one of my most important goals.  Angie helped break it down, organize it, and put it into a system that worked well for me and for taking steps toward the overall goal.  I have moved forward more in a month than I have over the past three years because of Angie’s help and guidance.  She is worth more than she charges so hire her today because soon she will be so busy there won’t be time for you.  Take action now and hire her.

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Cathleen Lamberton

Morrisville, Vermont

Strategic Planning Program – Orange County, CA
Wow … just wow! I just wrapped up a powerful strategy session with Angie Knierim from Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer class of 2018. In just 4 hours, she helped me take all the ideas swirling around in my head and transform them into clear milestones and a colorful, flexible, comprehensive and easy to implement plan of action along with the confidence that I’ll get there. Amazing … and highly recommended for those of you who have a vision without a clear, step by step path for you (and your team) to turn it into reality. Thank you Angie <3

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Trisha Jacobson

Silver Lake, New Hampshire

Strategic Planning Program – Online

Whoa! Angie helped me take an overwhelming process, break it down and plan months of it out in only a couple hours. The Massive Action Planning Process is perfect if you want to break down your project into daily steps. Not only do I have this project planned out, but I now have tools to apply in all areas of my life. THANK YOU!

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Rebecca MacLean

Castle Rock, Colorado

Breakthrough Coaching Session

I had one coaching session with Angie and it was truly profound! I was able to go into those sacred and deep parts of my past, old emotions and fears that I felt. During the session, I felt a great release of tears and weight off my heart. Angie’s energy is so kind and patient. She made me Feel safe, loved and empowered at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend you do a session with her if your ready to step into your inner power and higher potential!
As a spiritual coach myself, I believe in self care and feel supported by Angie’s work. Thank you for sharing your heart with me Angie. It’s a BLESSING!

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Tina Ghahramani-Singh

Laguna Niguel, California

Breakthrough Coaching Session 

Angie is awesome! She is definitely working within her calling as a Breakthrough Coach.
She creates a calming environment and effectively leads her clients through a process of self discovery, helping clients unlock underlying emotional anchors (often unhealthy ones) that may be influencing current beliefs and decisions. Thanks for a great session Angie!

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Alissa DeWitt

Friendship, Tennessee

Breakthrough Coaching Session
Angie has an amazing way of making you feel comfortable and secure as she leads you down the path to self-discovery and empowerment. Her calm, supportive approach allows you to break down barriers that once imprisoned your thoughts and perceptions and leaves you feeling not only light but enlightened. I highly recommend engaging Angie to take you on your own stellar journey of self-awareness. You’ll be glad you did!
Alexandra Curtiss

Boca Raton, Florida