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What is the RoadMAP Process?

Updated: May 9, 2018

It's an interactive online or in-person brainstorming effort that produces a detailed, Action Plan or RoadMAP that clients use to keep them on track in moving toward their goals!

The challenges individuals and business owners oftentimes face is that they know WHAT they want to do but get caught up in the details of HOW to do it. Figuring out these details can put people in a state of "Analysis Paralysis", which slows and even halts their progress to their goals.

Creating Your RoadMAP

Angie guides you to create your RoadMAP by breaking down the tasks into clear, do-able actions.

With Angie's years of experience leading and managing multi-functional, highly integrated projects and programs, she works with you to identify all the detailed actions and timing, creating your own personalized RoadMAP.

The RoadMAP process begins by understanding your goals. We then interactively brainstorm the tasks, timing and owners who will complete those tasks in alignment with your defined goals. We work together to create your flexible, comprehensive, colorful and easy to implement RoadMAP and give you the tools and processes to confidently achieve your Empowered Breakthrough, turning your vision into reality...realizing your goals!

Some clients prefer additional support along their Empowered Breakthrough journey. We offer multiple programs to meet those needs. Some clients simply take their RoadMAP and drive themselves to success on their own, others prefer periodic check-in support, and other clients want a partner to walk with them more regularly along their journey. Whatever program works with your style, we have a plan to ensure your success.

Take Action Today

If you have a big vision and you're finding yourself struggling with getting your project, program or business off the ground or if you have a project, program or business that is behind schedule, off target or not achieving defined goals or key performance indicators, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation to understand what program is right for you!

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