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Angie Knierim

Angie empowers her clients in a Strategic Planning Intensive to build a simple, flexible, visual RoadMAP, a clear process to confidently manage their RoadMap and follow-on coaching to support their success!


She works with individuals and teams to create personal and professional environments of trust, empowerment, collaboration, inclusion, appreciation, transparency and so much more.  She comes to the table with an extremely positive, calm, optimistic, attitude where people constantly tell her they “love her energy”.  With this energy, she has an incredible ability to genuinely connect with people on a personal level, creating a safe place to discuss challenges and openly work through plans to personally and professionally excel.

Angie has over 20 years of demonstrated experience building high-performing teams, leading Operations, IT and R&D Projects and Programs.  She is also trained in an Breakthrough Coaching Technique that helps her clients clear issues that have been holding them back so they can breakthrough to the next level in their life and business!



Do you have an incredible vision that you want to bring to the world?


Do you find yourself struggling to get your business or project off the ground when you know what you want to do but not how to get there?

What if you had a RoadMAP that defined the steps needed to take your business to the next level?


Using a flexible, comprehensive, colorful and easy to implement plan of action, Angie helps you create your RoadMAP by defining the actions you need to take tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond to breakthrough to your goals and turn your vision into reality!

Angie supports you by offering a Breakthrough Coaching Technique for those finding themselves stuck or blocked in moving forward, where something is holding them back.  This Breakthrough Coaching Technique helps clear those blocks so clients can breakthrough and achieve their goals!

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